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The ELVIA group was established in Czechoslovakia in 1991. From its modest beginnings in information and media technology, the ELVIA family has grown and is specialized in two areas: ELVIA (service, manufacture, installation, and sales) and ELVIA-PRO (professional broadcast studio and OB van systems integration and sales). ELVIA-PRO has successfully become the largest official dealer of Sony consumer and broadcast products in the Czech Republic. ELVIA-PRO also distributes official products from world-renowned companies such as Axon, Canon, Comtech/Xicom, Datapath, Ericsson, Imagine Communications, Porta Brace, RTW, Samsung, SWIT, TSL, the Vitec Group (including Anton Bauer, Autoscript, Litepanels, Petrol, Sachtler, Teradek, and Vinten), and a number of other leading brands in the professional broadcast market.


      ELVIA-PRO, spol. s.r.o.


The ELVIA group of companies develops, manufactures, installs, and distributes a wide range of professional broadcast studio products, assembling tailor-made solutions based on customer needs. Our expertise lies in delivering complex, ready-to-use projects for television studios and mobile systems. We continue to successfully provide solutions for national broadcaster Czech Television (ČT) and major commercial television stations such as TV Nova and FTV Prima - in addition to an increasing number of projects abroad.

Our experienced team of specialists is ready to implement any customer requirement and remain proactively engaged throughout the whole process, from project design, equipment delivery, mounting, and activation, to warranty and post-warranty support. Typical projects include outside broadcasting (OB) vans and the renovation of major television studios, including production facilities, master control, and edit suites.

Each project is always handled individually according to specific customer needs and requirements. ELVIA-PRO is the only company in the Czech Republic capable of offering complex service background for broadcast equipment, including 24/7 hotline support, on-site assistance, and other customer services. The ELVIA group has decades of local experience and extensive capacity for engineering and installation projects. Our record of service and maintenance proudly gives television broadcasters invaluable on-air confidence and peace of mind.


ELVIA-PRO concentrates on three major business areas:

     1. Delivery of turnkey solutions for professional TV and audiovisual industries.

     2. Sales of premier Sony and Samsung consumer electronics, including both retail and wholesale.

     3. Sales of high-quality recording media and accessories, including both retail and wholesale.


ELVIA-PRO has worked with a wide range of companies including small, local TV stations and nation-wide broadcasters in the Czech Republic such as Czech TV, Nova TV, Prima TV, Z1, TV Barrandov, as well as implementing projects abroad for ISPA in Russia, ATV in Austria, and HTV in Vietnam. We have realized projects in many other EU countries and parts of the Middle East and Asia.

During the last six years ELVIA-PRO revenue has reached 25 million EUR per fiscal year; the group continues to expand, especially in the international market. The company also has offices in Bratislava, Slovakia and Munich, Germany. All ELVIA group companies are certified, accredited, and licensed as required, including with the ISO Quality Control Certificate 9001/2001 of 2005.

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